Activate TV One on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Xbox, PS4

TV One launched in 1988 on 19th January. It represents the best of black culture – past, present and future! With popular sitcoms, acclaimed dramas and star-studded movies, TV One is a network for us, by us.TV One is owned by Urban One and it is an American basic cable television channel.

Activate TV One on Any Device at

If you are looking how to activate TVOne TV app on Smart device. You can check out here how to Install and Activate the app on Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV and Xbox or PS4 device using Follow the steps and activate channel on your device.



Below given steps will help you all in telling you the step wise step process to activate the TV One on your streaming device like Roku.

  • Turn on the Roku device and on the Home Screen search for the Channel Store.
  • On finding it, in the search bar using the virtual keyboard enter TV ONE CHANNEL and press on the same.
  • To install the same on your device click on the Add Channel option.
  • Following the above stated steps. Launch the said app of TV One Channel.
  • As soon as possible you try the above stated step and a Unique Registration Code in capital words will Pop Out on your screen. Make sure to note down that code somewhere as it will be of use.
  • In the next step, use any other device and visit, on visiting the same enter the login credentials and this will send you a verification code on your registered phone number or email address.
  • After verifying the same, enter the Unique Registration Code received earlier on the screen.
  • At the end press Enter after entering the Registration code.

Apple TV

  • Once your Apple TV is on, look for the App Store, on getting the same click on it.
  • In the App Store using the virtual keyboard enter the name of the Application TV One Channel in the search bar.
  • Once you get the desired result click on it.
  • To download it on your Apple TV hit the Get option.
  • After downloading it, launch the application and sign in to TVOne Channel using the login details.
  • Following the above stated step will provide you a Registered code in Capital Letters (make sure to preserve that code for further use).
  • Enter the Registered code after visiting the via another device like mobile or computer.
  • Click on the Continue option after entering the Registered code. After this follow the on screen instructions.
  • Doing this ends the Activation process and now TV One has been activated on your streaming device Apple TV.

Fire TV

  • Once the device is turned on Install the TV One app on your device using the Amazon Play Store.
  • In the search bar enter the name of the application TV One Channel and hit the Install option.
  • After this, Launch the same by clicking on the newly downloaded application.
  • Enter the login details, this will provide you a Registered code which needs to be preserved for future use.
  • Now visit the link using another device and enter the Registered code which you have preserved for future use.
  • After that click Continue, following the above steps will activate the TV One on your device.


  • To activate the TV One on Xbox device, download its app on your device first.
  • To download the same go to the Channel Store, in the search bar enter the name TV One Channel and install it.
  • Once the app is installed, Choose the TV Provider meanwhile an Unique Registration Code in capital letters will pop out on your screen.
  • Make sure you have noted down that code in capital letters for further use.
  • Now using another smartphone or computer visit and enter the Registered code and then move ahead with the Login credentials.
  • At the end click on the Activate option.
  • This will activate the TVOne Channel on your Xbox device.


  • To begin with go to the Home Screen and then Playstation Store to download the application (TV One Channel) on your device.
  • Once the App is installed select the TV Provider and doing this a Registration code will generate. Make sure to take a screenshot of that code for further use.
  • Now using another device and enter the Registered code and after that proceed with the Login details.
  • This ends the activation process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. On what channel can I findTVOne?

Currently it is located in 54 Million homes nationwide. For more details check the given Channel List given on Channel Listings-TV One.

Q. Can I apply to be onTVOne Show?

To be on TV One show refer to the guidelines given on the Talent submission guidelines.

Q. If my TV Provider does not carry TVOne channel?

Request you TV Provider to get TV One this is the only option you can try. Also you can use their online service called Get TV One.