How to Activate Lowe’s Card via Online and Phone using

Have you ever run out of cash say while shopping or enjoying your favourite cuisine at a restaurant? 

Undoubtedly, we’ve all experienced the moment and credit cards come in as the only handy option. Besides financing options, credit cardholders today enjoy even the daily advantages. 

Holding a Lowe’s credit card? Then what’s even better if you get to enjoy the discounts and other perks if you’re a frequent shopper at Lowe’s? 

Activate your card at to enjoy all the perks and benefits offered by Lowe’s.

Activate Lowe’s Credit Card via Online Mode and Phone 

Lowe’s offers a safe website operated by Synchrony Bank to its customers. They offer Lowe’s Visa Rewards Cards and Lowe’s Advantage Credit Cards to easily monitor your web card account without compromising your personal information. Now, to make the best out of Lowe’s Credit Card, you need to follow a quick and effortless procedure via All you need is to have a stable internet connection once the card is activated online. 

Check out these three ways to quickly activate your Lowe’s Credit Card:

Steps to activate Lowe’s Credit Card via

To get started with your Lowe’s Credit Card activation, visit the Lowe’s Credit Card activate website at and follow the guide below:

  • Move to the Lowe’s Card Activation webpage at
  • Here, you’d require an online account to start the activation process. Follow the below-mentioned steps and create your Lowe’s online account if you don’t own one.
  • Already have an account? enter your login credentials and enter your Lowe card number in the prompted field.
  • Enter the Lowe’s card number printed on the card’s front to proceed further.
  • Next, enter the last 4 digits of your SSN/ITIN and Mobile Phone Number.
  • Tap the Continue button and follow the on-screen prompts to apply for a new card.
  • Connect with the customer service department at (888) 840-7651 to confirm your account details (if asked).
  • Once your application is approved, your new Lowe’s card will be delivered within a certain period.

Steps to activate Lowe’s Credit Card via Online mode

Get started with your Lowe’s Credit Card online activation by keeping the pre-requites handy. Begin the activation process once you have all the necessary pre-requisites using the steps below:

  • Before using the services of your new Lowe’s credit card, visit Lowe’s website at
  • Next, check if you have an account online to start the process. Now, with your account credentials i.e., your User ID and Password in the prompted field, select the “Secure Login” button.
  • Don’t have an online account? The activation process will require you to create one to successfully start and complete the activation process.
  • You may now log in with your account. You’ll be now automatically navigated to the online dashboard. Simply tap on the Activate Your Card option from the menu bar.
  • Next, select the “Register and activate” option to continue the activation process.
  • The activation process will require you to check your account number. Carefully enter the details from your card. Press the Next to proceed further.
  • You’ll be now asked to provide details for a security verification method. For future reference, enter your financial details in case of any problems or if you qualify for a credit line increase.
  • Finally, accept all the terms and conditions of your new account and click on the activate your card button to complete the activation process.
  • A confirmation page will appear upon completing the process. You may choose to print your records at this stage. If not, your Lowe’s account is ready for use.

Activate Lowe’s Credit Card via Phone using

The final way to activate your Lowe’s credit card is via your smartphone. Let’s walk you down the steps below:

  • In case you experience problems with the online activation process, contact customer care service at 1(800) 444-1408 for additional assistance.
  • With the help of customer care, confirm the details of your account. Additionally, verify the information and identity from your application.
  • The Lowe’s American Express card is exclusively for business accounts. To activate this, call 1(800) 492-3344. To activate a corporate card, simply dial 1(800) 528-2122 and reach out to customer service for further assistance.

As a new Lowe’s cardholder, you can also expect many rewards and incentives that frequently change throughout the year.

How to recover your Lowe’s account login credentials? 

Forget or lose your login credentials? You can easily reset your password and recover your account simply with the help of the login page recovery tools. Let’s get started:

  • To get started with your Lowe’s account recovery, navigate to the official website first. 
  • Click on the link ‘Find User ID’ or ‘Reset Password’ below the ‘Secure Login’ button.
  • Now, confirm to enter your official Account ID Card Number and the Billing Zip Code in the given field.
  • To reset the password, enter the User ID and Zip code.
  • Finally, click on the “Find User ID” or “Continue” button to complete the recovery procedure.


Are you one of those who enjoy cashless transactions? Activate Lowe’s Credit Card today and enjoy exclusive benefits. Additionally, register your new Lowe’s Credit Card online with easy access to manage your account online from the comfort of your home. To know more about Lowe’s, visit

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Want to know more about Lowes Credit Card activation? Consider a few FAQs below.

Q. How to apply for Lowe’s Credit Card account?

To apply for a Lowe’s Credit card account, visit the Lowe’s Credit Center and know about the Lowe’s Advantage card and Lowe’s Business credit card. Choosing the card which card fits your needs, start the application to start your next project.

Q. What is Lowe’s Military Discount program?

Lowe’s Military Discount program is a way of thanking the on-duty, retired military veterans and their spouses by offering a 10% discount on eligible items with applied exclusions.

Q. How to register for the Military Discount?

To register for Lowe’s Military discount, you’d first require to sign up for a My Lowe’s account. With your My Lowe’s account, sign in to view your Account Dashboard. The dashboard will have the links to enrol in the Lowe’s Military Discount Program. To know more click here.

Q. What is the process for verifying my military credentials?

Military credentials will be verified online upon entering the correct information as printed on the documents. The online procedure uses a trusted verification source, You may also visit your local Lowe’s and provide the following details if you’re unable to verify online.

  • Date of birth
  • Military Branch
  • Military status
  • Date of separation (if applicable)
  • Military credentials
  • Photo ID

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