kohls.com/activate:  How to Activate the Kohl card?

According to Kohl’s, you cannot use a mobile device to activate credit cards. You can use a mobile phone to call customer care for activation or go online at their website. Still, you cannot directly activate it through the ‘My Kohl Card’ app. 

The retail website for Kohl’s department store, Kohls.com, allows you to browse and order apparel and other goods. Visit Credit.Kohls.com to access Kohl’s credit card services. When you log on to Credit.Kohls.com, you will be prompted to authorise online access to your Kohl’s account. While registering, you must provide the 12-digit number from your Kohl’s credit card. A username and password must then be entered.

Let’s just learn step by step to activate Kohl’s card using:

Customer Care Number

Online Website

Kohl’s Store

Steps to Activate Kohl’s Card

Activation using a phone:

  1. Call the number on the sticker attached to the front of your card or the number on the back of your card. 
  2. To activate your Kohl’s Credit Card, check the accuracy of any personal information you provided during the application process, such as your Social Security number, card number, or phone number. 
  3. They might also inquire about your date of birth or another security question to continue the activation process.

Activation Kohl’s Card using kohls.com/activate

  1. By going to the website kohls.com/activate, you can activate your card.
  2. Once the website is launched, they will ask you to enter your username and password
  3. If you do not have an account, you need to click on ‘Register‘ to create an account.
  4. Once the account is created, go to the Account Summary tab. 
  5. You should see a question asking if you have a card to activate. This will only appear when you already have a card to activate. All the cards pending for activation will be shown there.
  6. Enter the card details and necessary OTP when asked.
  7. Now you are ready to use your brand new Kohl card for purchases.

Activation Kohl’s Card by visiting the store:

It is super easy to activate a Kohl card in an offline store. You just need to present your card in front of the concerned department.

  1. When you make a purchase, the cashier will activate the new card if you show it to him along with photo identification. 
  2. If you want to activate a card without making a purchase, you can also stop by the customer service area of a Kohl’s Store.
  3. After following a few steps told on the spot, you will be able to use your Kohl card for purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kohl’s Card

Q. How do I activate my new Kohl’s Card?

If you received a new Kohl’s Card in the mail, you can activate it by logging into My Kohl’s Card.

Q. How can I update my personal information?

If you have successfully signed in at the My Kohl Card app, then you can easily change your personal information there only in settings.

Q. How to update profile on My Kohl card?

By clicking on the ‘My profile’ tab under the Menu option, you can edit your profile details.

Q. What is the extension line for Kohl? /How can I activate a Kohl card using a customer care number?

You can activate your card or ask your concerns by calling on this number (800) 954-0244 or (855) 564-5748.

Q. How to change the password of my Kohl account?

Go to kohls.com/activate and once the website is loaded, you will see an option to insert your username and password. Just below that, you will see an option to forget the password. Click on the link and change the password.

I hope this article helped you in clearing your confusion about the Kohl card.

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